10 Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Life has presented us with one challenge after another this year. Our “normal” lifestyles have been disrupted in many ways, and making minor and major adjustments to “new normals” has been difficult, especially for frontline healthcare workers; working parents dealing with non-traditional instruction, along with their jobs; teachers teaching in-classroom and virtually; and we must not forget displaced hospitality workers who have been furloughed or permanently laid-off due to COVID restrictions.

Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus. The question is, how do we each change course and move forward with life as we’ve never known it? It may be months before the greater population receives an approved vaccine to help eradicate COVID-19, so we must remain steadfast in our resolve to achieve our goals and dreams, even when they may seem unattainable at the moment.

There are many benefits to hiring a life coach to help clarify your vision and discern your specific goals, so you can blaze a clear trail to a successful solution with accountability.

Positive Psychology has outlined 10 benefits to hiring a life coach for individuals, peers, executives, and teams:

1.      A life coach provides a safe space for exploration and growth.

2.      A life coach improves risk management.

3.      A life coach helps people increase their productivity.

4.      A life coach clarifies vision for higher levels of job satisfaction.

5.      A life coach demonstrates flexibility to accommodate hectic schedules and specific needs.

6.      A life coach guides you to better networking opportunities.

7.      A life coach discerns pathways for successful goal attainment.

8.      A life coach identifies your strengths, so you appropriately utilize and build upon them.

9.      A life coach uses focus to identify strengths through interventions, if necessary.

10.  A life coach increases camaraderie among individuals, coworkers, peers and executives.

“Everyone can benefit from working with a coach. That coach might be someone you hire, a colleague, a family member, or a friend,” Positive Psychology states.

“No matter who your coach is, their role is to be “your external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of your reality. If you want to get great at something, get a coach,” says Atul Gawande, TED Talk 2017.

I currently offer virtual life coaching, relationship coaching and family mediation because it is safe, convenient and provides flexibility in scheduling to include evenings and weekends. Plus, individuals, families, and teams, alike, can participate from the privacy and comfort of their own homes or places of business.

Life isn’t always fair.  A compassionate, experienced life coach helps establish balance and clarity for people and teams to work smarter to attain their goals and achieve success. That’s my goal as a life coach in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to move forward with clarified vision to attain goals and reach your Successful Solution. 727.222.3686


Positive Psychology