10 Reasons Mediation is a Successful Solution in Florida Family Law Cases

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: my passion is mediation. As a mediator in Florida, I serve as a neutral third party, or a bridge, of sorts, for couples and families on a journey of conflict to meet half-way and facilitate mutually-beneficial agreements through compromise and negotiation.

According to the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators (FAPM), mediation has been found quite useful in settling family law cases in Florida. The organization explains in their top ten reasons why mediation is a successful solution in Florida.

1.      Mediation is often required by court order. Mediation is popular with the courts, because the judicial system does not have the time or resources to hear every issue in every case. Judges prefer not to make decisions relating to children and finances.

2.      Mediation saves time and money.  Time is money and legal bills can mount quickly when you take into account the billable hours by attorneys and exorbitant court costs. In a matter of hours, a mediator can settle a divorce without additional hearings, a trial, and extra legal fees.

3.      Mediation saves relationships. Family law litigation can get nasty, and it can cause irreparable damage to relationships. Rather than fostering hostility, mediation helps parties develop the skills necessary to effectively communicate through discussions, negotiations and cooperative efforts that can be used going forward.

4.      Mediation often results in better compliance. When couples use mediation to work out their own agreements, studies have proven that they are more likely to abide by the agreements to avoid costly litigation for enforcement later.

5.      Mediation is confidential. All documents filed with the court system become matters of public record. That includes sensitive issues that families would prefer to remain private. Mediation, with its protection of confidentiality is well-suited to protect the private interests of all parties.

6.      Mediation engages the parties and allows for self-determination. There is no judge or arbitrator to impose a decision upon parties in a family law dispute. Nobody knows the needs of the family better than those within the family.

7.      A mediator with good rapport helps negotiations.  A skilled mediator, like me, can establish and develop a good rapport – a relationship of understanding, empathy and trust – with each of the parties in conflict. Rapport encourages safe, complete communication so an acceptable agreement can be reached. Rapport is essential to building the trust needed for all parties to share their interests, priorities, fears and weaknesses, which are key to finding a successful solution.

8.      Mediation is a good business strategy. Mediation is not about being nice or cooperative or respectful. Mediation is good business and can be a successful solution if the parties are willing to prepare all requested mediation materials, evidence and previous negotiations in the case; are willing to open their minds to information and ideas from a new perspective; and are willing to listen to the other side’s perspectives, wants and needs.

9.      Mediation allows for patience. Divorce is one of the most difficult, emotional events of a lifetime, so it is crucial all parties have as much time as they need to fully express their emotions and ideas, while at the same time, focusing intently on dispute resolution. A mediator, who is tenacious and does not concede, can settle a majority of cases, even between couples with no resolution in sight. Often, all that is required to settle a case is a little patience with everyone involved.

10.  Mediation can result in a creative, successful solution. Mediators creatively craft successful solutions to unique issues, whereas a judge, who must get through a large caseload, usually applies cookie-cutter judgments, without considering the couple’s uniqueness.

Mediation is not limited to basic, cookie-cutter remedies provided in a court order, but it is a popular means of helping the parties involved resolve disputes and conflicts, sometimes in ways that are unexpected.

Successful Solution was established to provide divorce mediation and family mediation services in a neutral forum to help spouses and families deal with conflict, improve communication, solve problems and reach mutual agreements.

I currently offer online mediation, because it is safe, convenient and provides flexibility in scheduling to include evenings and weekends. Plus, couples can participate from the privacy and comfort of their own home(s) or place(s) of business.

Divorces are never easy and impact entire families.  Mediation helps to improve communication between spouses and de-escalate stress and conflict. Mediation is, also, a more affordable way to help heal families in a less volatile platform than litigation. That’s my goal as a mediator in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to avoid litigation and reach a Successful Solution. 727.222.3686


Florida Academy of Professional Mediators