Divorce Mediation Makes Cents for High Net-Worth Couples

As a divorce mediator, I have had multiple opportunities to help high net-worth couples in the midst of a divorce work through the numerous facets that revolve around the division of marital assets.

Couples choose divorce mediation over divorce court for three very sound reasons.

1.      Divorce attorney fees in Florida average, approximately $11,000 – $14,000, or $260-$330/hour. Divorcing couples with a high net worth can expect to pay more than the average, because there will be more work required to assess and divide marital assets.

2.      Divorce court proceedings can take a very long time and often become volatile. Moreover, in consideration of COVID-19, Florida circuit courts are postponing trials until 2021, prolonging an already agonizing process.

3.      Litigation in a contentious divorce can get ugly, especially when dirty laundry is aired between spouses, attorneys and relative strangers. In this day and age, hurtful allegations and testimony becomes a matter of public record, which often lead to negative publicity in the media and on social platforms. This can prove irreparably damaging to family relationships, especially when children are involved.

Divorce mediation makes “cents” for high net-worth divorce clients, because it is far less expensive than divorce attorney fees. Considering, most of these couples have paid attention to their expenses, which is why they’ve managed to accumulate wealth and valuable assets, saving on legal expenses is a smart way to protect them.

Additionally, as a divorce mediator in Tampa and surrounding communities, I have observed more amicable settlements in shorter periods of time when spouses of a high net worth are compelled to work with each other to reach fair and satisfactory agreements between each other.

When divorcing spouses can meet each other in a neutral environment, under the guidance of a third-party, professional mediator – whether it is virtually, on a phone call, or in person – odds are favorable that their family relationships will remain amicable and children will fare better, as a result.

Furthermore, divorce mediation sessions are always confidential and offer spouses peace of mind because they have a way to maintain a certain level of control over the legal process, especially when uncontested.

Successful Solution was established to help you and your family deal with conflict, improve communication, solve problems and reach agreements in divorce cases, whether it’s via a phone call, online meeting, or in a location where social distancing can be practiced. I am here to help.

Divorces are never easy and impact entire families.  Mediation helps to improve communication between spouses and de-escalate stress and conflict. Mediation is also a way to help heal families outside of the divorce litigation. That’s my goal as a mediator in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to stay out of divorce court, prevent divorce litigation, and reach a Successful Solution. 727.222.3686