Florida Courts Encourage Mediation During COVID-19

The landscape of practically everything we once thought was normal has changed significantly since February and the onset of COVID-19 in America. This treacherous time of coronavirus has disrupted our lives in so many ways, that no one is immune, not even couples and families in the midst of a separation or divorce.

I receive a monthly newsletter from the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, of which I am a member, and a recent issue stipulated that many circuit court hearings and trials are not being conducted by telephone or online meeting platforms, but are being rescheduled “to a later date” due to the virus. This is not welcome news to divorcing couples awaiting a hearing or trial, considering “a later date” can mean months from now.

Rather than rescheduling a trial, which only prolongs the agony of the legal proceedings, Florida courts encourage divorcing couples to expedite the legal process by attempting to resolve disputes through mediation, which can be handled via phone call or online platform.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines mediation as an “intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise; and a means of resolving disputes outside of the judicial system by voluntary participation in negotiations structured by agreement of the parties and usually conducted under the guidance and supervision of a trained intermediary.”

I am a Supreme Court certified Mediator, a Divorce Coach and a Life Coach, and my job is to help “build bridges with agreements,” safely during this time of COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, it is in everyone’s best interest to work together, in spite of the reasons that may have prompted a marital separation or the complete dissolution of a marriage.

I work with clients to create solutions that are in the best interest of everyone involved, most importantly, children.  I hold a strong conviction to help reduce conflict, so that divorcing spouses and parents remain in control of their own divorce and avoid litigation in court.

Successful Solution was established to help you and your family deal with conflict, improve communication, solve problems and reach agreements on legal and non-legal issues, whether it’s via a phone call, online meeting, or in a location where social distancing can be practiced. I am here to help.

Litigation is destructive to relationships and families.  Mediation helps to improve communication and deescalate stress and conflict. Mediation helps to heal families and set you up for future success. That’s my goal as a mediator in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to stay out of court, prevent litigation, and reach a Successful Solution. 727.222.3686


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