Marry Smart

Marriage is a legally binding contract.  Entering into a marriage contract brings new rights and obligations.  Before you get married, you will want to discuss your expectations, finances, and marital roles.  Most couples have at least part of these conversations in private, but there are many benefits to hiring a professional. Premarital Mediation can help you have these open and honest discussions to build a strong foundation at the start of your marriage.

Man and woman each holding a hand to the other to form a heart

Our Marry Smart program addresses issues such as:

  • Premarital Assets and Debts
  • Marital Property
  • Management of Assets and Income
  • Credit and Debt
  • Gifts form Families
  • Taxes
  • Higher Education
  • Business Ownership
  • Child Support Expectations
  • Working and Non-Monetary Contributions to the Marriage

Cohabitation Agreements

A growing number of couples are choosing to live together and share their lives without tying the knot. These couples have a desire to make mutually beneficial agreements during their relationship.

Cohabitation agreements can address all of the same issues as a premarital or prenuptial agreement while offering the legal protection necessary for cohabitating partners.

Final Agreements

When all agreements have been reached, they are solidified in writing.  Depending on the wants and needs of the couple, your mediator can write a final non-legally binding memorandum of agreements or a legally binding agreement.  Take comfort in knowing that you have avoided future costly and destructive court battles by choosing mediation.