Relationship Coaching Empowers Singles and Couples to Succeed

Relationship: the state of being related or interrelated; the relation connecting or binding participants such as kinship or romantic or passionate attachment1

Relationships are a great deal of work, and they should be treated as two-way streets. With couples, each person should have an equal stake in decision-making, and each should be willing to give and take.

For single individuals, relationships with self, family, friends and coworkers may require introspective exploration to determine how to best navigate personal and professional connections.

As a relationship coach in Florida, my primary responsibility is to serve as a neutral third party to help singles and couples explore the dynamics of their relationships and empower them to achieve their goals.

Singles Coaching

According to the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), 44% of adults in America are single and 27% of these adults live alone.

Singles may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Temporarily Single – Someone between partners and in search of a relationship
  • Recently Divorced or Widowed – Someone grieving a loss and not ready for a relationship.
  • Frustrated Single – Someone who wants a partner but can’t find one, so he/she/they give up.
  • Passive Single – Someone interested in a relationship, but not actively seeking a partner.
  • Single but Not Available – Someone who wants the “single” status, desires a relationship, but settles for “friends with benefits.”
  • Busy or Distracted Single – Someone who is professionally driven, a single parent, or college student with no time or desire for a partner.
  • Single by Choice – Someone with no desire for a partner. Hard stop.

“Each type of single has (his/her/their) own unique developmental goals and challenges. This requires specialized skills and strategies to effectively coach each individual, so they may experience relationship success, independent of the advice-driven approaches of other professions,” says RCI.

Couples Coaching

Couples may fall into one of four categories:

  • Dating Couples. Dating couples seek relationship coaching if they are contemplating a more committed relationship.
  • Pre-committed Couples. Pre-committed couples seek coaching to address requirements, or “deal breakers,” RCI calls them, prior to a long-term commitment.
  • Pre-marital Couples. Pre-marital couples seek relationship coaching to learn the skills needed to cultivate a long-term committed, relationship.
  • Committed Couples. Committed couples, whether they are married or not, sometimes need a sounding board, or neutral third party, to work through issues to find a successful solution, without breaking their commitment with divorce.

Like singles, the two people that make up a couple are individuals with their own opinions, thoughts, dreams and aspirations. A relationship coach helps couples focus on the future and offers guidance about action steps that can lead to personal growth for stronger, healthier relationships.

I currently offer virtual relationship coaching, life coaching and family mediation, because it is safe, convenient and provides flexibility in scheduling to include evenings and weekends. Plus, individuals and couples can participate from the privacy and comfort of their own homes or places of business.

Love for self and others is a beautiful thing!  A compassionate, experienced relationship coach helps establish balance and clarity for singles and couples to work smarter to attain their goals and achieve success. That’s my goal as a relationship coach in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. Contact me today for a FREE consultation to move forward with clarified vision to attain your goals as a single or a couple and reach your Successful Solution. 727.222.3686


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